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  • Can you remove Coronavirus (Covid-19) from my vehicle?
    Yes, Autoglym antibacterial sanitisers are now officially anti-viral and have passed the EN 14476 criteria, killing enveloped viruses such as the Coronavirus.
  • Can you remove the smell of cigarette smoke?
    Yes! I can remove the smell from car fabrics by using a bio-active cleaner on the fabrics and a leather safe car shampoo on the other surfaces. If required, I can also deodorise the air-conditioning system. Available on the Interior Deep Clean, Gold Valet and Platinum Detail services.
  • Can you apply a ceramic coating if I don't have a garage?
    Yes and no. If you want the Autoglym UHD 1 year ceramic coating applied, then I can apply it under an awning on your driveway or yard. If you require the Gtechniq 5 year coating, then you will need a clean garaged environment where the car can cure for at least 12 hours.
  • Do you apply or maintain Supagard?
    No. This is not a product I work with. I do however apply Autoglym and Gtechniq coatings.
  • Do you steam clean the underside of cars?
    No. Due to the energy requirements and size of hot water pressure washers, this is not something I undertake on a mobile basis.
  • Do you steam clean the interior of cars?
    Yes. If required to remove stubborn dirt, mould and odours from interior fabrics and surfaces. I don't use it on leather or other sensitive areas. Available on the Interior Deep Clean, Gold Valet and Platinum Detail services.
  • Can you remove swirls and light scratches from the paintwork?
    Yes. Swirls are light scratches or marring of the paint which tend to show in bright sunlight. I remove them using a machine polisher and an abrasive car polish. Known as compounding or cutting the paint, you may hear people referring to this process as MOP'ing - short for machine operated polisher. This process permanently removes the swirls and light scratches, and in doing so, restores a deep gloss to the paint.
  • What car wax do you use and how long does it last?
    I use Autoglym's Ultra High Definition wax. As to how long it lasts depends on several factors. Autoglym state that the wax can last up to 8 months - which can be the case under ideal conditions. High mileage, extreme weather and poor wash techniques will shorten the life of the wax. When water stops beading on the surface of the paint is a good indicator that the wax needs reapplied. If you're serious about your car care rewaxing every quarter would be a good goal and for even longer-lasting protection, why not consider a ceramic coating.
  • Can you fix or remove scratches in the paint?
    If the scratch is not too deep, then I can remove it with a machine polisher. If your fingernail catches on the scratch, it's probably too deep to correct. In this case, machine polishing will improve the appearance of the scratch but not entirely remove it.
  • Where are you based?
    My service is mobile it comes to you, work or home. I don't have a base where you can drop off cars. My service area is Northern Ireland.
  • What days are you free? What time do you work?
    Monday to Thursday I operate up to 8 pm in the summertime, at 5 pm in the winter. Friday is up to 5 pm. Saturdays are by request only.
  • Do you clean the engine bay?
    Yes! On selected services. I also provide a waterless engine bay clean for older or more sensitive cars. Available on the Gold Valet and Platinum Detail services.
  • How much does it cost?
    The prices vary depending on the service option you choose. Please see the Services menu on the website for a price guide.
  • Do you valet and detail boats/yachts?
    No. I specialize and concentrate purely on automotive. That's my area of expertise.
  • Do you clean and protect convertible soft tops?
    Yes. Mohair, double duck and canvas fabric hoods. Also vinyl hoods. I can clean and protect them for you. I can also redye fabrics if the colour has faded.
  • Can you remove dog hair?
    Yes, I can remove dog hair from the vehicle and apply an odour treatment. The amount of dog hair in the car may adjust the price of the service. You need to book the Interior Deep Clean service for dog hair issues.
  • Can you remove bird poo etchings?
    If the car is less than three years old, I have a good chance of removing the etching from the clear coat. Autoglym's REFLOW technology provides a very safe way of removing the etching mark without having to use a heat gun. Older paints may prove more problematic. The sooner I get to the etching, the better.
  • Do you offer stone chip protection?
    No. The only product that provides any protection against stone chips is paint protection film which is a clear vinyl wrap. It's applied to either the whole car or critical areas. I don't offer this service. Please note that ceramic coatings cannot protect against stone chips.
  • Do you accept Bitcoin?
    Yes, I currently accept Bitcoin as payment. I may consider other cryptocurrencies in the future.
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