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Machine Polishing

Machine polishing is the ultimate way to restore gloss to your paintwork. By applying a cutting compound with a machine polisher, I can remove swirl marks and minor scratches, restoring a deep gloss shine to your paintwork.

Car on road
Man using car buffer

When it comes to restoring gloss, and removing swirls and light scratches, nothing gets it done better than mechanical polishing. Unlike hand-applied polishes that mask and fill defects, machine polishing cuts the paint with an abrasive compound. This process removes light to heavy defects and restores a permanent deep gloss finish. To carry out this work safely, I use Menzerna polishing compounds. Along with a Flex rotary, forced action and dual action machine polishers, and Chemical Guys quantum range of pads, I can achieve a level of refinement on dark colours where other polishing systems struggle. Small car from £140 | Medium from £160 | Large from £180

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